• R-Kidz

509-529-6105   / rkidz@rkidzecu.com   /  410 South Wilbur Avenue, WA 99362


The Facility:

R-Kidz has three themed classrooms designed with the children in mind. Each classroom has a male and female bathroom, a sink and a water fountain. It has an enclosed playground, a full kitchen, teacher's lounge and front offices. Cameras and a security system are in place to ensure children's safety. Everyday children are cared for and taught in a clean, safe and fun environment.

Dino Classroom:

This dinosaur themed classroom is home to the two and a half to three year old children. 

Astro Classroom:

This astronaut themed classroom is home to the four year old preschool children. 

Explorer Classroom:

This jungle themed classroom is home to the advanced Pre-K and Kindergarten children.